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Spesifikasi Dan Harga Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Terbaru Desember 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 adalah smartphone Android terbaru keluaran Samsung yang diusung sebagai penerus dari keluarga Samsung Galaxy Ace. Sebagaimana keluarga Ace lainnya, ponsel ini juga ditujukan untuk kalangan menengah, hanya saja kemampuan yang ditawarkan jauh ketimbang seri terdulunya. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 ini memiliki fitur yang mirip dengan seri Samsung Galaxy S 4, hanya saja spek yang ada di Ace 3 ini lebih rendah ketimbang di S4, dan harga samsung galaxy ace 3 ini pun terbilang cukup mahal, tapi sebanding dengan spec pada ponsel ini.

Spesifikasi Dan Harga Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Terbaru Desember 2013
Harga Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 tentunya bisa menjadi tren gaya anak muda saat ini dengan semua kelebihannya. Hanya spek dari ponsel ini lebih rendah sedikit dari segi prosesor dan multimedia saja, tetapi secara keseluruhan menurut kami, smartphone yang memiliki jaringan 4G ini tidak kalah canggih karena sudah menggunakan OS Jelly Bean 4.2.

Layaknya smartphone kelas menengah lainnya, dari segi layar, harga android samsung Galaxy Ace hanya dibekali dengan layar sentuh TFT kapasitif dengan ukuran 4 inchi beresolusi 480 x 800 pixels. Spesifikasi harga samsung galaxy Ace 3 ini sudah dibekali dengan sistem operasi OS Jelly Bean 4.2 dengan kecepatan akses internet 3G (kecepatan HSDPA 14.4Mbps) dan 4G (LTE 42.2Mbps). Sayangnya dari informasi yang kami cari, ponsel ini tidak dibekali dengan proteksi layaknya beberapa ponsel besutan Samsung lainnya yang masuk dalam kategori ponsel kelas atas.

Spesifikasi kamera belakang Samsung galaxy Ace 3 sudah menggunakan kamera 5 MG dengan autofocus dan LED flash. sedangkan kamera depan masih menggunakan kamera VGA. daftar harga hp samsung, Spesifikasi Samsung galaxy Ace 3 untuk 3G akan menggunakan memory internal 4 GB dan spesifikasi Samsung galaxy Ace 3 untuk 4G akan menggunakan memory internal 8 GB. Nah untuk lebih lengkap spesifikasi hp android Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 silahkan lihat di bawah ini.

Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy Ace 3


Network Infra : GSM 3G , HSDPA/HSUPA
2G Network : EDGE/GPRS Quad-band(850/900/1800/1900 MHZ)
3G Network : HSPA 14.4/5.76 Mbps (900/2100 MHz)
Wi-Fi : 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz
Wi-Fi Direct available
PC Sync : Kies, Kies Air

Chipset : Dual Core
CPU Speed : Cortex A9 1.0GHz

Spesifikasi Fisik
Dimension : 121.2 x 62.7 x 9.79 mm
Beratt : 115g

Sistem Operasi
OS : Android 4.2


kamera belakang : 5 Megapixels
kamera depan: : 0.3M(VGA) Megapixels
Kamera Flash : LED Flash
Kamera Auto Focus : Auto Focus support


USB : v2.0
Earjack : 3.5mm Stereo
External Memory Slot : microSD (up to 64GB)
Single SIM support (micro SIM)
Micro USB available

Aplikasi dan Layanan

Samsung Apps available
Game Hub available
ChatON available
ActiveSync available


Display Technology : TFT
Color Depth : 16M
Display Size : 4.0-inch
Display Resolution : 480 x 800 (WVGA) pixels


Sensors : Accelerometer / Digital Compass / Proximity


Waktu bicara : Sampai 8 jam (3G)
Baterai : 1,500mAh
USB Chargeble
Standby Time : Sampai 370 jam (3G)

Audio dan Video

Video Format: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, VC-1, WMV7/8, VP8, Sorenson Spark support
Video Resolution : HD (1280x720) Video Playback & Recording available
Video Frame Rate : 30fps
Audio Format: MP3, OGG, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, FLAC, AMR-NB/WB, MIDI, i-Melody support

Harga Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Terbaru

Harga Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Baru :Rp 2.150.000 Update Desember 2013

Note : Mungkin harga di atas tidak sama dengan harga di kota Anda, tergantung kota masing-masing. Hanya utuk referensi.

Best android phones t mobile

there can be so several android phones by the market that choosing the very best one will mean a mass of analysis, price-checking, and waiting to discover whats starting off within the next few weeks or months. a few are exclusive to specific carriers, a few run stock android, a few are littered with bloatware other then have powerful features. soon we needed to learn that you thought were the very best of breed, not simply as a result of these round out a checklist of features or high-end hardware, other then as a result of you think that these provide a good overall experience. heres a look into the highest best android phones in the world today , based mostly on your private nominations.

we place this question back the very same time last year ( simply after google i/o ), plus your top 5 android phones then were extremely impressive for your own time. still, times modification, and earlier soon, we asked you to firmly actually choose a brand new batch to really do the best of the very best. you didnt disappoint, and offered method additional nominations than we might possibly feature. remember, our no more than conditions were that the phones you nominated had as being out and out there now. still, there have been a few sturdy trends, and undoubtedly concerning your top 5. here these are :

lg nexus 4
lg nexus 4

the nexus 4 ( 8gb for $299 or 16gb for $349, contract-free ) manufactured by lg, will be the current official google phone, and also the flagship on your nexus program. its out there contract-free directly from google ( or from t-mobile within the us, if you need to get it via a carrier ) hence you will choose and opt for the carrier you utilize it with ( as well as pre-paid choices ), that was a outstanding departure for nexus phones compared onto the previous models. availability on your device has smoothed out in the past just a little while, and googles order page now says a brand new nexus 4 will ship back in 1-2 business days.

the nexus 4 could be a 3g/hspa+ device, and garnered a few criticism for not ticking from the 4g/lte box in its spec sheet. regardless, that hasnt stopped the phone away from being wildly well known, packing stock android 4. 2 jelly bean under the hood, a stunning 8mp camera on the rear ( as well as a a regular. 3mp camera by the front ), a nicely sized 4. 7 hd display that protected by cornings gorilla glass 2, and is powered by 2gb of ram as well as a qualcomm quad-core snapdragon processor. its a killer device, other then its not perfect : the nexus 4 eschewed a replaceable battery ( though it without a doubt will utilize a 2100 mah battery ) and expansion slot to produce a slim and trim design, thus if you would like either of these things, it could be a robust sell. still, it without a doubt will pack perks like nfc and wireless charging, and this is actually a nexus device, hence you will trust youll get timely android releases, invariably be up to date, and even when google falters theres a large development community operating along with the phone the least bit times.

samsung galaxy s4
samsung galaxy s4

despite a horrendous launch event, the samsung galaxy s4 ( $149-$199 with contract, all us carriers ) is while not a doubt one on your most super-powered phones that you can buy these days. samsungs latest iteration within the galaxy line can, while not a doubt, sell a lot of units, and became one on your most well-liked best android phones upon the planet, very like its predecessor, the samsung galaxy s3 ( that, coincidentally, nearly made the highest 5 of its own accord ). contrary onto the rumors that samsung would place somewhat a lot of heft into its phones or improve their build quality, the s4 has nearly a similar case design and materials of its predecessor, therefore if you really hate plastic and polycarbonate cases, could not'>you might not love the s4. the device just recently came out, other then high demand has slowed its rollout, other then regardless, it's obtainable for all us carriers.

the galaxy s4 could be a 3g/4g device, and since its obtainable for those carriers, every carrier model supports every carriers 4g network. it packs android 4. 2 jelly bean, though its overlaid with samsungs touchwiz user interface, that directs you in a few cases from the core android features in order to samsungs branded counterpart services. regardless, all of androids features are under the hood, you merely may really need to dig somewhat through touchwiz in order to firmly get to it. you additionally get 13mp camera upon the back ( as well as a 2mp camera upon the front ), and it also sports a 5 full hd display. under the hood, the s4 packs 2gb of ram, a quad-core qualcomm snapdragon processor, a 2600mah removable battery, and it also is available in 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb styles with the use of a microsd card slot that permits you to add up to another 64gb onto the device. it additionally sports nfc, and a number of samsung-specific features, much like the s-health fitness tracking system, samsungs smart scroll and smart pause systems, the s voice personal assistant, and also the s travel trip advisor.

htc one
htc one

the htc one ( $199 on contract with at&t, sprint, t-mobile, $575 unlocked direct from htc ) could be a lovely device. seriously—its earned high praise from all corners because of its solid build quality and sleek aluminum body. it doesnt simply look smart, either—even after the launch on your galaxy s4 and every one of its features and power, reviewers are still torn over whether or not the one and even the s4 happens to firmly be the current crown champion on your android market. simply also too, htc required a powerhouse phone to re-energize itself and aqcuire to incorporate financing front on your android market, while the one x and 1 s of previous years were nice devices, the new one flagship device is solid leap forward.

the htc one ships with android 4. somewhat jelly bean ( though an update to 4. 2 is upon the means ), overlaid with htcs new sense 5 interface. sense 5. zero represents a shift away coming from the previous sense ui, one which youll either love or hate, other then most critics have responded positively to it. even when you dislike overlaid uis, android isnt too way away. you get a 4mp camera upon the back thats additionally good at full 1080p video ( as well as a 2. 1mp camera upon the front ), as well as a 4. 7 full hd display. the one packs 2gb of ram, a quad-core qualcomm snapdragon processor under the hood, a 2300 mah non-removable battery, and is available in 32gb and 64gb versions. the one doesnt possess an expansion slot, therefore make positive to acquire the model along with the storage youll would like. the htc one additionally will have an array of truly useful htc features, together with the htc zoe photo gallery and web gallery that make uploading and sharing photos surprisingly simple, htcs boomsound audio processing system ( that replaces—sort of—beats audio from previous devices ), and htcs sense voice noise isolation system that makes positive your callers will hear you but not the ambient noise around you.

samsung galaxy note ii
samsung galaxy note ii

despite become a phablet, because of its giant size and included stylus, the galaxy note 2 ( prices vary, other then average $149 on contract, all carriers, additionally obtainable unlocked for $5-600 ) earned high praise from variety individuals for being giant enough to utilise for things you may wish a laptop or tablet for, other then still small enough that ought to be portable and purpose effectively just like a phone. and, you cant beat a considerable screen for reading the online, mobile gaming, or operating upon the go. the original galaxy note made it into our previous roundup, and for several on your same reasons. whether or not the note ii is just too giant according to firmly your needs is entirely a matter of personal preference, other then theres no disputing the very fact that the it must the features under the hood to facilitate make it a solid contender either means.

the galaxy note ii is somewhat bigger than its predecessor, featuring a 5. 5 hd screen and shipping with android 4. somewhat jelly bean ( though an update to 4. 2 is planned for your own summer ), and includes samsungs touchwiz ui. it will have an 8mp camera ( as well as a somewhat. 9mp camera upon the front ). under the hood, you get 2gb of ram, a quad-core exynos processor, as well as a huge 3100 mah battery. it is available in 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb versions, and is expandable up to another 64gb. after all, we cant mention the note while not talking relating to firmly the included stylus, the s-pen. like its predecessor, samsung has gone out of every its procedure to make the s-pen truly useful along with the note ii and not simply a gimmick. s-note, s-planner, and built-in support for handwriting and navigation by stylus make it an truly useful procedure to work together with your note ii.

samsung galaxy nexus
samsung galaxy nexus

the galaxy nexus ( prices vary, other then essentially free on contract, all carriers, additionally obtainable unlocked for ~$300 ), the flagship as out to the nexus program till the nexus 4 came along, not just made our last roundup, other then it took the crown after the votes were counted. its still one among your most well-liked devices—it doesnt hurt that its a 4g device, runs stock android, and actually has models obtainable that support just about each carrier within the us, locked or unlocked. thats another reason the device is therefore well liked : its widely obtainable unlocked, therefore you will take it onto the carrier you finally choose ( mostly ), and create use of it while not obtaining locked towards a contract. other devices could be newer, larger and fatter, other then the galaxy nexus may be a slim, trim device that fits nicely within the hand, gets the task done, and as a result of its still a nexus, it's huge dev support.

the galaxy nexus happens to firmly be the oldest as out to the devices within the roundup, therefore availability new could be spotty counting on that carrier you finally choose. still, theyre widely obtainable used. the galaxy nexus was the initial phone to ship with android 4. zero ice cream sandwich ( stock ) on it, it also has since been updated to 4. 2 jelly bean just about everywhere. you get a 5mp rear camera ( while a a regular. 3mp front-side camera ) featuring the nexus famous zero shutter lag, while a 4. sixty five hd contour display. the galaxy nexus additionally features 1gb of ram, a dual-core cortex-a9 processor, while a 1750mah/1850mah battery ( that one depends on whether or not you have got the hspa+ or lte model, respectively ). no expandable storage, other then the galaxy nexus is obtainable in 16gb or 32gb models. its not the newest and even the fastest, other then its still a good phone.

like we aforementioned, there have been masses of phones to visit around within the nominees, other then we've got to present alittle honorable mention love onto the motorola droid razr maxx hd, that came 2 or 3 nominations far from creating the highest 5, surprisingly—many of your praised its sleek design and its superior battery life as reasons why it ought out to be thought-about as one among the most beneficial. dont let its long name fool you—its a super-thin phone with the use of a beastly battery, a gorgeous screen, while a sharp camera. its worth your consideration among the samsungs youll notice inside the store shelves next to it.

another honorable mention goes out onto the sony xperia z, sonys gorgeous high-end smartphone running stock android which was a announced at ces this past january and launched merely a month later. not just happens to firmly be the xperia z a good looking device, its additionally rugged, and features dust protection, impact resistance, and even water resistance for anyone of people who have dropped our phones within the running sink or perhaps a toilet before. as a result of its sony it doesnt get a number of attention, other then thats a shame—the xperia z is highly underrated.

have one thing to mention about one among the contenders ? wish to take the case in exchange for personal favorite, though it wasnt included within the list ? remember, the highest 5 are based mostly on your own own most well-liked nominations direct from incorporate contenders thread from earlier within the week.

Handphone Android Termurah Harga Dibawah 800 ribuan

sahabat ingin punya hp android dengan duit seadanya ?. di bawah ini ada pilihan sebagian hp android lokal dengan harga terjangkau, namun janganlah salah dulu meskipun murah hp android ini bukan hanya murahan loh. mari kita simak hp android murah di bawah 800 beberapa ribu di bawah ini.

ada sebagian merk lokal yang mengeluarkan product baru handphone android dengan fitur wah namun harga murah. merk lokal tersebut layaknya imo, nexian, zyrex, mito serta cross. pada peluang ini saya dapat berbagi tetang hp android murah dari merk lokal tersebut.
. nexian mi230 xplorer hawk - dual gsm

baru-baru ini merk lokal nexian meluncurkan smartphone android teranyar dengan harga amat murah, yakni nexian mi230 xplorer hawk. smartphone nexian ini dibekali dengan dual sim mode, ukuran layar 3, 5 inc dengan kamera 2 mpixel. handphone android terbaik 2012
harga : rp. 499 ribuan

spesifikasi lengkap nexian mi230 xplorer hawk - dual gsm :
ukuran layar ( in ) : 3. 5
megapiksel : 2. 0
fitur : gsm|fm player|music player|primary camera|email|touchscreen|secondary camera|li-ion|mp3|internet ready
koneksi nirkabel : bluetooth|wifi|edge
kamera belakang : 2 mp
kamera depan : vga
resolusi layar : 480 kali 320
kapasitas baterai : 1800 mah
jenis layar : kapasitif
versi sistem operasi : androdi os 2. 3
kecepatan processor : ghz
jenis processor : speadtrum 6820
2. imo s79 explorer s - telah 3g
merk lokal yang satu ini memanglah tidak akan ketinggalan, baru-baru ini imo juga sudah meluncurkan smartphone terbarunya dengan harga yang amat menggoda, mengapa menggoda dikarenakan harga murah dengan fitur wah. sebut saja imo s79 ini telah beri dukungan jaringan 3g, yang jarang di dapatkan di merk lokal yang lain.
harga : rp. 800 ribuan

spesifikasi lengkap imo s79 explorer s - telah 3g
dual sim card support gsm + gsm
dimensi : 117 kali 62. 5 kali 10. 8 mm
jaringan : gsm 850/900 mhz, umts 1900/2100 mhz
os : android 2. 3. 6 ( gingerbread )
layar : 3. 5-inch touchscreen capacitive, 320 kali 480 pixel
prosesor : mtk 6575 cortex a9 1ghz
memory : 512mb ram, 512mb rom
kamera : 2 megapixel ( rear ) + 0. 3 megapixel ( front )
data support : 3. 5g/ hsdpa
wi-fi ( 802. 11b/g/n )
support gps/a-gps
bluetooth 2. 1
support fm radio
support tethering hotspot
battery : 1400mah capacity
g-sensor : support
google market : support
audio : built-in microphone and loudspeaker.

3. zyrex onescribe za966
merk yang kita kenal banyak mengeluarkan product notebook/laptop ini juga merilis sesuatu smartphone murah dengan nama zyrex onescribe za966. zyrex onescribe za966 dibekali dengan layar 3. 5 inc dengan ketebalan 8. 3 mm, amat tidak tebal bukan hanya. amat pas bikin style nih ^_^. zyrex onescribe za966 telah support 3g serta layarnya telah dengan teknologi ips capacitive touchscreen, hvga 320x480 pixel.
harga : rp. 600 ribuan
spesifikasi lengkap zyrex onescribe za966
dual gsm standby.
jaringan : gsm/edge/gprs 850/900/1800/1900 mhz.
dimensi : 116. 8 kali 61 kali 8. 3 mm.
layar : 3. 5-inch ips capacitive touchscreen, hvga 320x480 pixel.
os : android 2. 3. 5 gingerbread.
baterai : 1000 mah.
standby time 140-160 jam.
talk time sampai 180 menit.
card slot : 2 card slot, dual standby.
us jack : support microusb 5 pin.
audio jack : support 3. 5 mm audio jack.
4. mito a100
hp android merk lokal yang satu ini hanya 499 beberapa ribu saja, kekurangannya hanya belum support 3g. lantas untuk yang senang searching dengan kecepatan optimal tak lagi diperoleh dengan hp android ini. namu meskipun demikian hape android murah ini amat pas untuk mereka yang baru mengetahui os android.
harga : rp. 499 ribuan

spesifikasi lengkap mito a100
jaringan :dual on gsm, gsm 900/1800 mhz.
layar :lcd hvga touchscreen capacitive
size :3. 5 inches
memory internal :ram 256 mb
memory eksternal : ya. microsd slot
gprs :ya
wlan :wi - fi
camera :ya
os :android 2. 3 gingerbread
cpu :processor ghz. ram 256 mb
radio :fm radio
battery :standard battery
5. mito a300
tidak sama dengan mito a100, mito a300 telah support 3g serta dual-core. untuk anda yang senang dengan kecepatan ini merupakan pilihan yang amat baik. mito a300 dilengkapi dengan layar yang cukup gedek yakni 4 inc.
harga : rp. 699 ribuan

spesifikasi lengkap mito a300
dual sim
dual on gsm gsm 900/1800 mhz
4. 0-inch lcd hvga touchscreen capacitive
os android 4. 0 ics
prosesor cpu 1ghz dual core
camera 2. 0mp, yang depan tidak diketahui, barangkali vga
ram 512mb
micro sd slot
fm radio/mp3/mp4 player
tv tuner
google play
google maps
yahoo messenger
demikian hp android murah harga di bawah 800 beberapa ribu, mudah-mudahan bisa berguna bikin rekan seluruh. sesungguhnya ada banyak lagi hp android dengan harga murah, anda dapat melacak dari google untuk lihat spesifikasi serta harga lengkap nya.
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